Principal’s Desk

Principal’s Desk

Welcome to Tanarata!

Dear Reader,

As the founding principal of Tanarata International Schools, I welcome you to the 2022-23 school year and also our webpage.

We now live in a globally interconnected world, where both populations as well as knowledge and information (not to mention trade) has exploded over the last half century. Accompanying this is, and will continue to be, a quantum change in the fundamental structure of society as we know it today… the agrarian, industrial production, mercantile trade based economy of the past that has given way to the consumption and information age in a very capitalist world of today will again change in a post-capitalism world that is dawning on us – the question is… to what ?!

The skillsets that were important at various points in the past will again need to be rethought for this generation of students to prepare them for their future (not ours!).

Are standalone subjects like History and Geography still as relevant – or do we need to combine these subjects (as teaching time is also limited) and bring in aspects of political science, sociology, environment and law – and call this aggregate subject that promotes thinking skills to deal with the complex problems of the future by a new name – say, Global Perspectives? (Our examining body, Cambridge, is already proposing this by offering this new syllabus).

Similarly, do we also need to merge the Arts with Design (architectural and industrial design) – and then further with the Sciences? (Again, Cambridge is already moving in this direction as reflected in their changes to the syllabus). After all, to make any product and service useful to society, it must look good (art skills), function well for the intended purpose (architectural and design engineering skills), perform well (science skill) – and finally, must be viable and saleable (economic and business/marketing skills).

The socio-economic ants of the near future would need to be able to combine their passion and personalities (soft skills) with their expertise and interests (hard skills) to thrive in this new society (now over 7 billion plus compared to 3 billion in 1960). In view of these global trends, the schools has started make small incremental changes in this direction … We hope that by introducing change in this manner, we stay true to the principle of ‘engaging, preparing and inspiring’ our students.

I am eagerly anticipating another successful and rewarding year, and I look forward to working with my dedicated colleagues, very supportive parents and the general school community to provide an exceptional educational experience for our wonderful students.

For those new to Tanarata, please feel free to peruse the information on this website to learn more about us!

Proud to be a Tanaratian!

Barnali Guha

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