Skills Training

Skills Training

Just like you, we do what we do because we care for our students’ future!

In order to best serve you as a student of Tanarata International Schools, we have built our skills programs to work around you by providing quality training with personalised and flexible delivery methods. And with these skills, you can turn learning into a career!

As a reputable institution we take pride in our values, management strengths and creativity, and are committed to continuous improvement with genuine desire to improve the quality of life for each student. We provide opportunities through skilled Tutors and with tools needed to prosper in a globalised world, while preparing our students for the future in the best possible way.

Skills We Offer –

  • 3D Modelling – 3DS MAX, Sketchup
  • Design Skills – Photoshop, Indesign
  • Website Design – CMS
  • Programming – Visual Studio
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