Admissions into the school is strictly via an entrance examination and interviews with parents, and is at the sole discretion of the school’s admission committee.

Admission Process and Procedures

All student candidates seeking admission into Tanarata International Schools are required to submit a completed application for admission along with all supporting collateral and transcripts. (Refer to Enrollment Application Form below)

An offer of admission into Tanarata International Schools must be accepted (in writing along with payment of the registration or deposit fees) before the earlier of two (2) weeks from the date of offer, or 2 weeks from the start of the school term, whichever elapses earlier. Failure to do so will result in the enrollment offer being voided, and the corresponding student-enrollment open position being extended to another deserving applicant.

Students are normally directly admitted to the School (Year 1 to Year 10) at the beginning of the school year in September. All requests for admission must first be directed to the Registrar.

There is no direct admission into Year 11, as preparation for the International IGCSE Level examinations is spread over two years and begins in Year 10.

Direct admission is however possible for our Year 12 2-year AS/A Level programme.

Admission Requirements

All applicants are required to undertake an assessment which shall be scheduled after a completed admission application is received by the registrar.

In order to maintain a safe, proactive learning environment for all students, applicants must demonstrate sound academic preparation, positive values and strong ethical character for admission into TiS.

The objective of the assessment is to ensure that expectations and aspirations of the parent, and the child’s aptitudes and attitudes, are aligned with the TiS teaching team’s capability to deliver to the child’s needs and requirements.

The following are some baseline topics that will be examined, which may vary based on the class level of the student: * Test of ability in written and spoken English * Test of Numeracy * Interview with Parent(s) and student by the teaching team and admission committee.

Subject to the evaluation in the entrance assessment, and the availability of student places, an offer of admission may be made at the conclusion of the interview. The entrance assessment process normally takes two school days.

Application Form

The TiS Student Enrollment Application Form available here in PDF format, and can be viewed, downloaded, saved, and printed at your convenience.

Please submit application forms, with all necessary supporting documents, to the schools’ Admin Office, no later than two (2) weeks before term begins.

TiS Student Enrollment Application Form:
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