Vehicle Parking

Vehicle Parking

There is a vehicle parking facility on campus that is manned by security guards and that is also covered by CCTV for security monitoring.

Car Park Guidelines

Traffic & Parking at School's campus

As you are aware, traffic is always a challenge – particularly at drop-off and pick-up times. It is important to remember the school is situated in a quiet green area surrounded directly by major highways (the SILK & PLUS Highways) and we wish to emphasize safety when entering/leaving school campus (a very bad ingress/egress as it is!) in addition to student safety within the campus.

As such, it is important that all drivers of vehicles entering/leaving the campus drive slowly and adhere to the traffic procedures as described below.

Note: The school’s management is very much aware that the current design of the ingress/egress into / out off the Planters Grounds campus is not a safe design – and various steps/actions are underway to rectify or improve on this. However as various Government departments and non-Government parties are involved, we do not expect this issue to be resolved anytime soon.

Guards and Child Minder/s are present to assist with the drop-off of your child/children in the morning at the schools’ Main Car Park as well as directing the free flow of traffic.

Please follow their guidance and do not block the flow at any time.

Below are some guidelines to assist you:-

  • Please drive very slowly right down the main entrance road of the campus to the first available drop-off spot near the guard house in the Main car park (designated for use by parents / visitors / school bus/vans etc.).
  • Please do not block the car park entrance or the exit while students are being dropped-off.
  • Students must exit from the left side of the vehicle only (for obvious safety reasons). Alternatively, you may park your car and walk your child into the core school area (near the caféteria)
  • After dropping off your child/ren, please stay in line and wait your turn when leaving the car park and exiting the campus. Please exit the car park / campus without too much delay to prevent congestion.

There are quite a few reasons why traffic in the afternoons at pick-up time is often more acute than at drop-off. We would like everyone to make an effort to do their part, to help ease the traffic flow. The main campus entrance road may quite often have a line of traffic around pick-up time when the car park is full as there are parents who are already in the school compound waiting to pick up their children from an earlier dismissal. There is no getting away from this traffic, so we ask you all to exercise a little patience and understand that everyone wants to get out as soon as possible.

On afternoons, parents are asked to park in the Main Car Park while waiting for their child. Should the car park be full, follow the guidance of the guard / child minders.

On pick-up of your child, please exit the car park as fast and safely as possibly to alleviate congestion. It would help to instruct your child to not linger after school is let off while the pick-up car is waiting in a full car park.

Below are some guidelines to assist you:-

  • Please do not park in any spots that are obvious obstructions, for any reason whatsoever. You must line up like everyone else and circle if need be.
  • There will be no entering through or turning around at the exit gate to collect your child/children or to secure a parking spot at any time.
  • If you have arranged to pick up your Secondary students in the pick-up bay area near/alongside the school’s guard booth, please ensure that they are promptly collected so as not to hold up traffic on this stretch. If the student is not present, you will have to move along and park at an empty spot or circle around again.
  • All Primary (Years 1-6) students must be picked up by a pre-designated person inside the core school area (near/at the caféteria). Only Secondary children from Years 7 to 11/12 are allowed to wait near the guard booth beside the Main Car Park.
  • In the past, we have had complaints from the Highway authorities that either parents or students are crossing the highway/s or parking or waiting on the highways. Please refrain from waiting / parking on the highways. And always drive onto the highway slowly and safely!

In the event of rain or bad weather during drop-off or pick-up, the guards and child-minders may direct traffic into the core school campus. Please follow their guidance.

If everyone follows the above guidelines and rules, the traffic will move swiftly.

We all need to acknowledge that most schools are not free of traffic problems and, if we all co-operate and follow the rules, the flow of traffic can move more smoothly.
Please share this information with drivers who may be picking up your children on your behalf.

As a security measure, note that only pre-authorized / registered drivers may pick up students. Parents and guardians are to ensure they do not bring along or send any strangers into the school campus.
Please note that as part of security measures in place, CCTV cameras operate in the campus – particularly at the campus entrance/exit and in the car park area.

No vehicles are to park on the SILK/PLUS Highway’s and parents/students are not to walk into the school campus to pick-up their child. It is against highway traffic regulations!

Parking in Core School Campus areas

Parking in designated core school campus areas are allowed / allotted to school teachers and administration only – and for EMERGENCY purposes (or sometimes during bad weather at the discretion of school management).

Parents are reminded not to drive into core school campus area beyond the Main Car Park as this causes congestion and does not allow the smooth flow of vehicles since the inside road system is not designed for this. In addition, the roads in the core school campus have been designated “vehicle free” except to school staff cars and utility vehicles.

Consequentially, the smaller parking lots within the core school area are not for parent/visitor use and special permission from the school office is needed to use it (say for dropping-off / pick-up of handicapped students / sick students etc.).


Parking of vehicles anywhere in the school grounds including the car park/s is at the car owners own risk. The school will not accept liability for any losses, damages or theft.

In this regard, please note that while the school has positioned the main car park somewhat away from the stream to minimize the risk of flooding during inclement weather, it cannot be guaranteed that a flood event will not occur. Please DO NOT park your vehicle on low ground near the stream during or just after periods of heavy rainfall!_

To alleviate peak traffic congestion, the pick-up times has been staggered as follows:-

  • Primary School: Year 1 – 6 1:50 p.m. onwards
  • Secondary School: Year 7 – 11/12 2:00 p.m. onwards

Parents with children in both Primary and Secondary schools are advised to pick their children at the later pick–up time unless the student/s in questions stay back in school for extra-curricular activities.

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