A Huge Thank You for a Spectacular Sports Day!

Dear parents, students and guardians,

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for your incredible support in making our recent Sports Day at the Cheras Football Stadium on 3 March 2024, such a resounding success!

The atmosphere was filled with cheers, laughter, and a tremendous display of sportsmanship from our students. It was a joy to witness their teamwork, determination, and pure enjoyment on the field. This wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of so many.

To our Parents: Your presence on the sidelines cheering on your children and fellow classmates was incredibly heartwarming. A special thank you to those who volunteered their time in setting up, sponsored drinks, and managing the refreshments – your contributions are deeply appreciated.

To our students: You were the true stars of the day! You displayed outstanding sportsmanship, team spirit, and a sense of fair play that made us all incredibly proud. Viking House lifted the Sports Championship trophy after many years! The Cheerleading teams of all the 3 houses had been practising since the beginning of the academic year, but the Harappans displayed their strength in numbers winning the trophy for this year.

Sports Day is more than just competition; it’s a celebration of school spirit, camaraderie, and the joy of physical activity. Thanks to your collective efforts, it was a truly memorable day for everyone involved. We have already uploaded the videos on our YouTube channel. The photos from the professional photographer have just arrived. Please feel free to download the ones you like.

TiS Annual Sports Day 2023-24

Fasting month begins tomorrow and our Term II/Trial II examinations are also around the corner. We will be posting the exam timetables on teamie.  Please ensure that your children are well rested with enough sleep. Many learners tend to burn the midnight oil just before exams with last minute study. This will leave them sleepy and tired while writing their papers. Studies have shown that sleep is vital for healthy development as well as mental health. We need your utmost cooperation to ensure that the learners are not unduly stressed out.

3 more weeks till end of Term II. This term has really flown by. We look forward to seeing you again in school for more events.

Till then, all the best.

Barnali Guha

TCC Parents Sponsorship – Sports Day



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