We are now open for enquiry and registrations for AY 2024-25!

Learn with us at TiS where we foster leadership development, enhance academic performance, and develop the potential every child is equipped with.

TiS is a close-knit, family-oriented community located in a serene, green hilly haven, complemented by fascinating flora and visiting fauna which themselves offer the learning environment to inspire and stimulate our students. Our approach is achieved through uniquely-designed teaching methods that focus on the refreshing, enjoyable, and practical. The proven TiS personalised curriculum presented by a corps of dedicated teachers guarantees that your child meets his full academic and personality objectives, with an array of foreign language options and extracurricular activities to support our learners well-balanced growth.

We are the first stop on your child’s exciting journey to explore, experience, and learn as they shape their future.

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Limited time offer –

50% discount on Application Fee and

50% discount on Admission Fee.

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