FedEx Express / JA International Trade Challenge 2024

We are very happy to share that one of the 6 teams from our school that had made it to the Malaysian finals for 18th FedEx Express / JA International Trade Challenge will now be representing Malaysia in Singapore in the regional finals! Ten countries will be represented in this competition.

The 6 student winners from Malaysia (2 from Tanarata International Schools) will be randomly mixed with winning students from the other countries to form new teams. The teams will remain 2 students per team. The participants at the ITC Asia Pacific Finals will have the opportunity to gain invaluable information, insights and learnings from Senior FedEx executives and expert advice from FedEx program facilitators.

They will also have the opportunity to work with a student from another country to gain a global perspective. The experience will reinforce the knowledge gained and will advance the students’ critical thinking skills, comprehension of international trade and command of the lessons learned.

This is the second time we have reached the regional finals! We are incredibly proud of our students.

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