Tanarata Community Club

INTRODUCTION TO TCC (for new parents!)

The Tanarata Community Club (Tanarata PTA) was initiated as an avenue for exchange of ideas between the school management, teachers and parents. This was initiated about 10 years ago. The parents or legal guardians of students presently enrolled at TiS are automatically eligible for membership in the TCC, as are the present school management, administrators, teachers and staff members. Eligibility for membership will continue for parents for as long as the son or daughter is enrolled at TiS. Membership for administrators, teachers, and staff members will be for as long as they are employed by TiS.

The function of the TCC is more than what a PTA usually covers, and would also include the following:

·  to promote fellowship amongst parents by organizing social / community event (such as International Days, Cultural events etc).

·  Broaden the dimensions of the TiS education through awareness of recent trends in education via communiqués, conferences, guest speakers, procurement of educational materials, etc,

·  Advance the moral, academic, and physical growth of the students by sponsoring or supporting activities organised to those ends.

·  Raise funds to support TiS and its students through activities and projects.

·  Promote understanding and cooperation among students, parents, and teachers.

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