Proposed Realignment Work on our Entrance/Exit

Dear Parents and guardians,

I am writing to you today to inform you that we have officially been informed by Prolintas (the concessionaire of the SILK Highway), that they will very soon be starting realignment works at our campus main entrance/exit – as well as parts of the highway leading up to and away from it.

They expect to commence in May 2024 and be completed by the end of June 2024. While there will be some inconvenience to the school community during construction, Prolintas/SILK has assured that SILK and its contractors shall provide prior notice of any planned work that would interrupt our daily operations as per Tanarata’s academic calendar.

They have also informed that, at present, they do not anticipate any material interruption to school operations to occur. However, please be extra cautious when entering and exiting the school zone during this period. Pay close attention to all traffic signage and instructions from workers.

That is all for today.

Kind Regards,

Barnali Guha 

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