Swimming Gala – 3rd November 2023

Dear Parents and Students,

Our Swimming Gala 2023-24 will be held on 3rd November 2023 from 8:00am to 1:00pm at the National Aquatic Centre, Bukit Jalil.

The event will start at 8:30am but students are expected to be at the venue by 8:00am and security guards will be stationed by 7:30am.

Please request your transporters to drop you at the venue and pick up is by 1:00pm as the event is expected to be over by then.

The event itinerary is attached for your reference.

Students from Year 3 to Year 11 are competing in this swimming competition and there will be no lessons for Year 1s and 2s on that day.

In view of that, the mid-term break for the Year 1s and Year 2s will begin on 3rd of November.


We had a good time at the Halloween carnival featuring STEM Games last Friday, 20th October. Thank you for your unwavering support  

in making this event a great success.

Appended below are the profit and loss statement from the Carnival:

1) Year 5   – RM80 (Loss)

2) Year 6   – RM295

3) Year 7A – RM172

4) Year 7B – RM82

5) Year 8   – RM998

6) Year 9   – RM1,420

7) Year 10 – RM1,528

9) Year 11 – RM3,085 (Horror House + Escape Room)

The collected profits will go back to the students and they can use it as their class funds.

The Pictures From Our Halloween Carnival

Thank you for your continued support of our school.

Kind Regards,

Barnali Guha

TiS Swimming Gala 2023-24

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