Science Competition Winners 2024: Best in Country

Students from Tanarata International Schools in Malaysia were declared the Best in Country for their investigation to determine the best colour and material to use in housing construction, in order to conserve energy from heating and cooling systems.

Team members Suhayla Rabab Choudhury, Diti Avinash More, Chua Yun Ni, Lakssmitha Kumararaja and Tarini Gupta analysed the heat absorption properties of clay tiles, recycled wood and aluminium foil when painted in both white and black. The students found that the white clay tiles are the most suitable for the tropical climate in Malaysia because of their ability to reflect the most heat.

When asked why they had chosen building materials as a topic, the team responded: ‘We had chosen a topic that was relevant to the current ongoing phenomenon worldwide, global warming. Though it is a vast and debatable topic, we chose to embark on a journey to discover new aspects, such as architecture, and integrate it with the science around and among us.

‘Another vital reason for having chosen this topic is the setting of our school itself, as it is highly eco-friendly with exquisite design for sustainability. This inspired us to go forward with our idea.’

The judges had this to say about the project: ‘This was an innovative project. It was a well-conceived investigation with potential practical implications and clear applications on a wider scale. The experimental design was meticulous and included careful description of the methodology and materials used.’

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